Frequently Asked Questions

What facilities do you currently have?

We currently have no building facilities. We are a relatively new organization so current efforts are aimed at building up a solid business / legal / financial organization that is sustainable into the future -- before we consider entering into contracts and consider making commitments for land and buildings. Appropriate facilities will be added as ARK grows and matures. Our guiding principle is to ensure that any long term commitments that we make are on a sound financial foundation and can operate on a sustainable basis for many years into the future. Meanwhile, ARK is focused on immediately helping our county’s animals via our Spay-Neuter and Fostering Programs.

Who do I call to pick up a stray animal dog?

The Hart County Judge Executive is responsible for the Hart County Animal Control Program. If you need a dog picked up during workdays from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM, call Hart County Judge Executive’s office at 270-524-5219. Cats are not part of this program. If you need to contact animal control during non-business hours, call the Sheriff’s office at 270-524-2571.

What have you done since you formed ARK?

After forming ARK in November in 2015, our first priorities have been to build our membership base, to ensure we have seated a well-qualified board of directors, and to focus on the most pressing program to help address the animal welfare needs in Hart County. We are very pleased that within four months of becoming legally recognized by the state of Kentucky as Animal Rescue Kare, LLC, we were able to build our membership to almost 200 members, adopt a set of bylaws, nominate, elect, and seat a 9-member board of directors, elect board officers, achieve our federal tax exempt status (which allows our supporters to make tax deductible donations), and begin to raise funds for our priorities - the Spay-Neuter Program and Fostering Program.  These fundraisers have allowed ARK to hold several spay-neuter voucher distributions, and to assist the Fiscal Court in holding their annual voucher distribution.  In January, 2018, we began accepting animals into our pet foster program.

Where and when will the animal shelter be built?

A large majority of our 200+ members joined because they wanted to support the construction of an animal shelter in Hart County. We recognize that it will take significant commitments of ARK members' time, money, and organizational cooperation to build an animal shelter facility. We cannot commit to a specific time schedule, but we are continually working to raise funds, spread the word to build support, and do everything that we can do to improve animal welfare in the short-term.

What have you done to help animals since you formed?

From the first day, we have lent our assistance to our fellow animal owners in Hart County to help them solve their problems with animal control: assisting the Hart County Fiscal Court’s animal control officer to feed and care for rescued animals, publicizing and re-uniting lost animals and owners, networking to help retrieve lost animals that are in trouble, and helping find adoptive new owners for unwanted animals.  Our vouchers have also helped to spay-neuter many animals throughout the county.  We are continually raising money and distributing these vouchers.  In 2018, we started a pet fostering program for surrendered animals, providing temporary homes until forever homes can be found.

Does Animal Control pick up cats?

No, the Hart County Fiscal Court contract for animal control only covers dogs. There is no formal pickup program for cats in Hart County. Cats may be surrendered to BRAWA (in Barren County) for a fee. We frequently publicize on social media any cats or kittens that are in need of re-homing or adoption. We have had success in finding homes, both foster and forever homes, via this networking on our Facebook page, phoning our friends, and the ARK website

Do you have a foster program?

Our foster program began in January, 2018. Click here for more information.  We are fostering cats and dogs which have been surrendered by their owners for various reasons.   We received a $5000 grant from Maddie's Fund to help  start the fostering program.  #thankstomaddie

 Can I adopt an animal from you? 

As a new organization, ARK’s highest priority is focused on reducing the unwanted animal population in Hart County through our Spay-Neuter Program. All of our initial efforts were focused on getting this program fully funded and fully operational. 

Beginning in 2018 - we established a pet foster family program, to provide temporary homes to animals that need adoption. We now have cats and dogs, ready for adoption from our "Virtual Shelter."  

What is ARK?

ARK is an all-volunteer, federally tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization incorporated in November, 2015 in the state of Kentucky. We currently have over 200+ members, all combining our efforts to help improve animal welfare in Hart County.

When will your Spay – Neuter - Rabies program start?

It has already begun. Our first spay-neuter voucher distribution event was held in the lobby of the Hart County Courthouse on January 11, 2017 and we distributed 33 vouchers to Hart County residents for their pets.  However, another 83 animals in need of spay-neutering were not serviced since the available ARK funding was insufficient to cover these. Most or ARK's fundraising is being done to support this very worthwhile program for Hart County.

We have had several successful events at different locations since then.  In 2017, we held 5 voucher events at different locations in Hart County.  We distributed 366 vouchers.  Participants who received the vouchers reported a total of 511 additional animals in their households that need spaying/neutering.  The need is even greater for animals throughout the county.

ARK's goal is to hold a quarterly distribution of these low cost spay-neuter-rabies vouchers on an on-going basis.  Because of the high demand for our vouchers, we currently limit the vouchers to one per household per address.

For more information, please contact us.