ARK-BRAWA Cat Spay-Neuter Voucher


ARK-BRAWA Cat Spay-Neuter Voucher


ARK and BRAWA (Barren River Animal Welfare Association) have teamed up to offer low-cost spay-neuter vouchers for the cats in your home. There is NO LIMIT to the number of these vouchers you can purchase - great for homes with multiple cats. This offer is for Hart County residents only. The procedures must be done at BRAWA in Glasgow, KY.

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Purchase your vouchers here and we will send your purchase information to BRAWA.  Call BRAWA at (270) 651-7297 to schedule your appointment, after purchasing your voucher(s). This non-refundable voucher is void if not used within 60 days of purchase.

  • Redeemable ONLY at BRAWA (Barren River Animal Welfare Association) at 175 Trojan Trail, Glasgow, KY 42141.     

  • Remove food / water from the animal at midnight before the next day’s surgery

  • This voucher is VOID if used in conjunction with declawing, tail docking, or ear cropping

  • Cats must be brought to BRAWA in individual carriers (not cardboard).

  • Bring cats to BRAWA on surgery day between 7:00 and 7:45 AM. Be prepared to pick up your pet in the late afternoon on the day of surgery, unless otherwise instructed.

NOTE:  Vaccine packages that include 1 FVRCP vaccination, deworming, and flea treatment are available for an additional $25 fee, payable to BRAWA at the time of surgery.