Members of Animal Rescue Kare of Hart County work tirelessly to improve animal welfare and spread the word about humane animal care.  Below, you can find information about the ARK Pet Foster Program, the impact of individual members aiding animals - ARK Members in Action, and the data from our Spay-Neuter-Rabies voucher distribution events.

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In 2017, ARK received a $5000 Foster Care Grant from the Maddie's Fund organization of Pleasanton, CA to initiate our pet foster program. #ThanksToMaddie!

2018 1st and 2nd Quarter Reports, ARK Pet Foster Program

Pet Foster Program Implementation, January, 2018

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1st Quarter, 2018, 7 foster adoptions.  5 animals remaining in foster system.

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2nd quarter, 2018, 14 foster adoptions, 2 kittens died as a result of a virus, 2 animals remaining in foster system.

ARK Save Rate = (Total Intake - Died or Lost in Care - Euthanasia excluding Owner Requested Euthanasia) / (Total Intake - Owner Requested Euthanasia) YTD  = 92%

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Many ARK members work outside of the foster program to help stray, abandoned, or surrendered animals with medical needs and rehoming.  Read about the work of one of our most active animal lovers here.  

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 Details are shown below.

Details are shown below.

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ARK is managed entirely by volunteers.  Their devotion, commitment, and love of animals are essential to our success.  Click here to see the current list of volunteers.