Adopt a Pet from our Virtual Shelter

Looking for a new pet?  You can find one right here in Hart County.  These animals are from ARK's pet foster homes.  They are ready to be adopted by a loving family.

Animals in foster care are happier, healthier, and get adopted faster than animals in actual animal shelters.  You can be assured that the animals in our "Virtual Shelter" are in good shape.  The adoption fee covers the cost of:

  • spaying/neutering

  • a health check-up by an area vet

  • all necessary vaccinations

  • micro-chipping

(The adoption fee for cats is $25 and for dogs is $75.  If you had to pay for all of these services, the average retail cost would be $206 for cats and $254 for dogs.  The adoption fees are quite a bargain!)

Click here for a printable adoption application.  Send the completed application to: ARK, PO Box 427, Munfordville, KY  42765

If it is more convenient, you can fill out the form below.  


ARK Adoption Application

Adopters must be at least 21 years old.

Name *
Phone *
Please tell whether you want a cat or dog. If you have a particular animal in mind, please add the name.
Check all that apply to your home
I understand that if I adopt a pet and cannot keep it, it must be returned to ARK and not given away or sold. *
I give permission for my adoption photo to be used as social media and marketing materials for ARK. *
I understand that ARK has the right to reclaim any adopted animal that we feel is being mistreated, or is being treated in a manner that is not consistent with the information on this application. *
I will have the pet I adopt spayed or neutered by 6 months, by a Hart County vet as part of the adoption fee, or by another vet at my expense. ARK can reclaim the pet if it is not spayed or neutered in a timely manner. *